Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Makes Sense When You See the Movie

I liked this movie better than the book. 
Because I haven't read the book.
The opening credits are the best I have seen. Behind the words you get a history of the heroes. I especially liked the Woman (Silhoette) grabbing a nurse and kissing her on VJ Day. They go on to have a relationship but unfortunately are killed off seconds later.  :(  

This is a super hero movie for grown-ups. No silliness. 
At 162 minutes I think they could have trimmed a little more but I was not bored.
And not your usual happy ending.
I give it a WW3 (Where Went 3hrs?).


  1. I know it's a drama but it would have been a better flick with a little bit of humor. Even the character called The Comedian was depressingly somber.

  2. You are correct. But that's one of the things I liked about.
    Although Dr.Manhattan double teaming his girlfriend by himself while he was still working was pretty funny.