Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She likes the book
I can finally say that I have seen this movie.
Where do I start? How about, 4 Hours!? 
Four freakin' hours! It ain't fittin'!
First Women Who

 That's what she said. And by "She" I mean Mammy. 
(Hattie McDaniel who won an Oscar for her role)
I had to watch it in two sittings. Editing anyone? I could cut this down to an hour easily. 
I now better understand a few Bugs Bunny episodes.
This movie came out in 1940 so I guess it's hard to judge on today's standards but I did not care for it. I'm pretty sure it's a chick flick.
Although Scarlett does bust a cap in a Yankee's ass. 
(Actually in his face) 
Then she and her friend hide the body. 
So that does kinda' make her kick-ass.
I give it an IDDY. (I Doubledog Dare You)



Monday, April 25, 2011

OMG! Look at that thing!

"The Tingler" is one of those Vincent Price movies where you have to suspend your disbelief real hard and just enjoy it. 
It's also one of those movie that's real fun to make fun of.  
When it first came out it was shocking for its use of color for a brief scene in which a woman in a bathroom turns on the faucet and out comes bright red BLOOD! 
And then she turns to find the bathtub full off BLOOD!  
And rising out of the BLOOD filled tub is an arm covered in BLOOD! 

It's RED!

I give this movie an MR. (Man that's Red)


Thursday, April 14, 2011


 A movie about candy? Nooo.
It's The Matrix.
I recall seeing this movie on TV when I was a kid. 
All I remember is a scene where an airplane starts falling from the sky.
What I didn't remember was Tom Poston as the first Neo. 

Bullet Time at :37
Unless you and a clever friend or two are crackin' wise all through this movie, it is unwatchable as an adult. 
I give it a MST3K. 
You know what I mean.



Friday, April 8, 2011


One word, 
These guys must have had complete control over this movie. They come across looking like Angels. 
And the actors that played them? Let's check, ok it was
Armand Hammer and Armie Hammer
who played the the twins. 

What? That's one guy? 
Wow, great special effects.
Actually, there was another actor who played one Winklevoss,

Josh Pence ,
and then they put Armie's face over his.
I liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would but now I don't trust programmers.
I give it a BTF. (Better Than Farmville)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did not watch it. 
I put the DVD in and got ready to watch with my girlfriend. 
The music that played over and over gave me brain rot and I had to stop. 
Spent the evening with Conan on the DVR.
I give Babies a G6. (Ga ga goo goo ga ga)


Monday, April 4, 2011


 This movie is Awfsome!
(So awful it's awesome)
And just keeps getting more so. 
How can you go wrong with, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Giant Pythons, Giant Alligators and Tiffany's Cleavage. 
Add a little A. Martinez and you have a great big bowl of 
SyFy Foo Fun. 
You just know from the beginning there is gonna' be a cat fight and the movie does not disappoint. You get to see London and France (Wink) as they grapple with each other and some food. 
Tiffany's cleavage really should have gotten a screen credit as the lead character. 
I give it an LMR. (Let Me Rewind)