Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She likes the book
I can finally say that I have seen this movie.
Where do I start? How about, 4 Hours!? 
Four freakin' hours! It ain't fittin'!
First Women Who

 That's what she said. And by "She" I mean Mammy. 
(Hattie McDaniel who won an Oscar for her role)
I had to watch it in two sittings. Editing anyone? I could cut this down to an hour easily. 
I now better understand a few Bugs Bunny episodes.
This movie came out in 1940 so I guess it's hard to judge on today's standards but I did not care for it. I'm pretty sure it's a chick flick.
Although Scarlett does bust a cap in a Yankee's ass. 
(Actually in his face) 
Then she and her friend hide the body. 
So that does kinda' make her kick-ass.
I give it an IDDY. (I Doubledog Dare You)



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