Friday, March 25, 2011

Some movies are so bad they become good because you can make fun of them. 
Some movies are so bad they piss you off for days.
I think it might be art if it does that.
And then some movies are just bad.
"Due Date," is just bad. 
I did not like any of the characters including the dog.
Robert Downey, Jr plays the most unlikable person I have seen in a movie. And I've seen a couple of Hugh Grant films. 
He spits on the dog, punches a little kid in the guts and endangers the life of Ethan, played by Zack Galifianikis.
I really take offense to the scene in which Peter (RD, Jr)
starts seeing tracers after inhaling second hand marijuana smoke.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is just about the funniest obviously made to be a video game movies ever.
It has parts that are indistinguishable from a one.
Ian Mcshane plays the race coach and at one point refers to, "The Tombstone," a detachable metal plate in the back of the car. Wait, he was in, "Deadwood," not, "Tombstone."
I was gonna' link to the game but all the sites have too much popup and slamming. I won't subject you to that.



Monday, March 7, 2011

A Twofer

Les visiteurs and Just Visiting

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These is one of those, 

"It was a great French movie so let's make a Hollywood version," 

types of movie. Movies. 

But with a twist.

Both movies star the same two actors.

The Professional and this guy.

This is also one of those time travel movies.

If you could take the best parts of each and combine them into one movie it would be real good.

They are both pretty funny on their own but you have to read the French one. 

In each movie they mention the title of the other one.

I give them an LG (Le Good).







That happens.  

                             This happens. 

 One a' these.

                           And one a' those.

If you want to see the world destroyed this is your movie. 
If you want to have fun and rip on a movie while you watch it, this is 
The Best.  
Example: Hi all you poor people whom we were going to leave behind to die but we just changed our minds and let you on the rescue ships, We cool now, right?

If you want to see a bunch of smart people figure out how to save the world, not so much.

I give it a WW3D (Why Wasn't this in 3D)?
It was? Oh. 
That would have been cool.